Types of Gamblers

Types of Gamblers

Not every gambler is the same, there are gamblers who play for recreation and leisure, some professionally gamble and there are some who goes to the casino in compulsion. The father of gambling addiction, Dr. Robert Custer has discovered and written the classifications of gamblers. Below are the types of gamblers you can deal around the casino.

Professional gamblers, these gamblers make their income through betting. They are not considered as addicted to gambling since they patiently win for the best bet and decides carefully on the amount of money and time they will spend on the game.

Relief and Escape gamblers, this kind of gambler are having a mental and emotional distress and to them, gambling is an option for a therapeutic experience.

Compulsive or pathological gamblers, this kind of gamblers are considered of having a progressive disorder which is characterized by a continuous or periodic loss of control over gambling. These gamblers have been preoccupied with gambling and gambling has affected their thinking process which made them think irrationally.

Casual gamblers, they gamble for recreational purposes to relax and meet with their friends.