If you work at a Casino can you gamble there?

If you work at a Casino can you gamble there?

I want to play Roulette in the casino I’m working in!

If you work in a major casino area, thenyou may probably have started to develop somewhat of a love for gambling. Thismay mean that you are interested in playing a few games at a casino. This isfine. You can do that. However, you may run into issues if you are employed in the casino industry.

Now, there are no laws which prevent youfrom gambling at a casino if you work there. Nothing. However, the casino thatyou work for may prevent you from gambling there. It is all going to be in youremployment contract. It is important that you read this.
Most casinos will allow you to gamble atthe casino if you are just in your normal clothes i.e. you have completelyfinished work and you do not look like an employee at all. You can go up andplay slot machines and casino games to your heart’s content. However, there maybe limits on table games. Especially in New Zealand where online casinos just started to get regulated. Here we found a good overview for customers from New Zealand.

The problem with table games is that thereis a chance that you will know who the dealer is. This can cause all sorts ofissues. You have to remember that the dealer has to remain neutral in thecasino! Casinos that you work for will probably allow you to play randomizedslot machines or games where you do not have to worry about a dealer, butbeyond that, you are going to be completely forbidden.

The regulations differs from Casino to Casino

Other casinos will have different rules andregulations. For example; you are not allowed to play the game that younormally work on. So, if you normally deal blackjack at the casino, you willnot be allowed to play blackjack during the time that you take off. In othercases, this may be limited to all of the games in that ‘area’. So, if younormally deal blackjack, then you may not be able to play any of the table gamesin the casino when you are taking time away from work.

Other casinos will flat-out ban theemployees playing at the casino at all, although these are exceedingly rare now.
One exception to all of this is tribal casinos. We have yet to see a tribal casino where employees can play the gamesthere. In fact, just about everything is going to be forbidden if you are anemployee. You should not be acting like a guest in the casino at all!

So, basically, make sure that you read the employee manual or contract that you have been given. If you are in any doubtas to whether you are allowed to play at your casino or not, then all you needto do is ask! The managers will tell you.

The last thing you want to havehappen is be caught gambling and lose your job, particularly if you are in anarea which mainly thrives on casino jobs, you may not find another position forquite some time.